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      Heavy Duty Wipe Cloth Oil Cleaning Wipe Cloth

      1970-01-01 08:33 39

      Item Number B-17B
      Color Blue
      Made by 100% polypropylene
      Weight 70gsm
      Size 24x34cm x 717sheets/roll
      Product features:
      *Made from high-tech meltblown polypropylence, absorb oil pollution more than 8 times its weight quickly
      *Used to wipe the heavy oil stain in the production environment.
      *Removal of all kinds of adhesive, ink leakage
      *Surface treatment with solvent
      Industry applicability
      *Heavy oil cleaning in production environment
      *Maintenance and maintenance of machine tools and large equipment
      *Surface treatment with solven
      *Maintenance and cleaning of workshops
      *Removal of leakage of various Ink
      *User's own cleaning